An Ethical Person

An Ethical Person:

Someone who pulls the

door of the newspaper

machine before putting

in the change and finds

the door open, reaches in

and pulls the last copy

out, looks around, thinks

about it and then puts

the money in the slot.


Or maybe it’s the one

who puts the money in

first and doesn’t think

about that move at all.


Or maybe the one who

pulled the door first hoped

the door would open and

then he could pay for the

paper and feel good about

himself or, even better,

have someone else see his

honesty and say, “Oh,

what a good boy is he.”


Maybe the one who didn’t

think about it at all, merely

didn’t think about it at all

and if given another oppor-

tunity would have and would

try the door and if it was

open, would have kept the

paper without paying for it

and might not even have cared

if anyone saw him or if some-

one saw him, he might have

thought how clever the observ-

er might have thought him to

be to beat the machine out of a

buck and isn’t that about the

same as the first guy’s logic?


The Ethical Person:

One who just puts the money

in the newspaper machine,

opens the door, takes the paper,

goes into the restaurant, sits at

the counter, orders a cup of coffee,

opens the paper, reads all about

the unethical behavior of the day

before and leaves the waitress a

tip of, for sure, a minimum of a

buck on a two-fifty cup of coffee.

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