They All Wanted In the Worst Way

They all wanted, in the worst way, one day

to get out of the suburbs when they

could afford it and move to the dreamed about cottage

along the big lake,

everybody’s sweet dream –

to the desired and necessary quiet and solitude –

the sound of the waves rolling in the

northwest wind and, depending on the intensity

of that wind, either lapping the shore

or pounding the surf – either way, blissful sounds

silencing suburbia –the sounds of

mischievous chipmunks

sparing among the fallen maple and oak


squirrels gathering nuts and squabbling

over turf, and a myriad of birds’ songs performing

a symphony for a contented couple

and their Chocolate Lab

on their balcony

with a wind chime chiming,

overlooking a pond, the now very still orange,

white and black fish and

small waterfall with the proverbial babbling,

just back down a dune from

squeaky sand between toes and a

seemingly endless sea

of unsalted water,

but no, that’s not going to happen

because those coveting people

yearning to get to their seaside nirvana or

Valhalla forgot to leave suburbia

behind.  So moving like a freight train

or a caravan of eighteen wheelers

with all their stuff aboard, they constructed

their four or five bedroom, three or four bath

mansions, planted non-native plants

and sowed Kentucky Bluegrass seed

into the layer of black dirt moved in to cover the

suffocating sand beneath gasping for a

breath of fresh air which dune grass

could have supplied through

their roots bringing oxygen

to the suffocating sand.

The wannabe walkers along the beach

shop Lowe’s and Menards and

Home Depot

for really big riding mowers

and leaf blowers

to cut the Kentucky Blue

two or three

times a week and blow grass and leaves

into the big black plastic bags which will be tossed

into the land fills miles and miles and miles

away and will last forever and a day

while a couple now sits

inside with their Chocolate Lab

waiting for smoke belching, noise polluting

lawn mowers and leaf blowers to cease and

desist in the new suburbia

along the Big Lake.

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