Who Is That Unmasked Man From the Past?

When he encounters people from his ministerial past,

they wonder why the past didn’t last.

With now bald pate he looks different from when he

toiled within the steeple.

Thank heavens his wife and dog still recognize

him from other people,

except for the times that the wife growls and the dog

runs away really fast.

1 thought on “Who Is That Unmasked Man From the Past?

  1. Do any of us recognize the one in the mirror as we pass? Avoiding mirrors seems to be exclusively a male preoccupation…perhaps because we know inside we are still on 30, hirsuite, potent, agile and strong. So, the joke is on you who see the old farts and not the ones who confronted segregation, rampant capitalism, crushing fundamentalism, militarism, rampant Republicants, [oh, I repeat myself], homophobia and anti-feminism. We paved the way for you, fought your wars, changed the world…and now we are just old farts hoping you will rise to your occasions.

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