We Don’t Have the Right

“We don’t have the right to ask if

it will succeed.  We only have the

right to commit to doing it and then

starting,” he said

and then he qualified that with,

“I believe in leadership from the bottom

up and it’s starting to take hold,” 

hopeful prophet that he is.

It may have sounded like

something Jesus may have

said in one of the Gnostic

gospels but it was another

contrarian, a poet/prophet/farmer

from the banks of the Kentucky

River who is mad

at the rape of the earth and now

“sits in” with other believers

in offices of power and calls them to


All his life he has seen

rocky tops ripped off

and smashed

to smithereens and sulfuric acid sizzle

and gurgle metallic orange/green

through the water shed. Native

Black Willows can’t live by

the river anymore, the place that had been

their home and the

poet who lives where

the Black Willows once did

wonders how

long he and other humans can

live by those precious

banks. So then the question arises, “If

corporations are humans,

can they live

by the banks, drink deeply, breathe deeply

survive and thrive?” 

But corporations don’t

drink, breathe and eat; they just

consume money

and human

lives and spend on

lobbyists who spend on duly elected


who vote for the corporations. If corporations

are human do they then smile broadly in

the boardrooms?

The poet/prophet, a man of faith, seeks

to follow the gospel, so the

question arises,

“Can corporations be Christian and

follow the gospel?”

Perhaps only if the CEO and stock holders

choose to be leaders from the bottom up,

don’t ask about success and

offer themselves

to be crucified.

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