He Didn’t Know

He didn’t know if his anecdotal experience would be

statistically verifiable, but, for example, he and his


wife and recently adopted Chocolate Lab spend four

winter months in Phoenix, Arizona, so the local rest-


aurant review T.V. show the two humans love, has

eight months of programming the couple doesn’t


see (and sure, granted the filming doesn’t last all

year but surely it’s more than four months), but there


it was upon their return – a re-run restaurant review

they not only had seen but, because of said review,


it was a restaurant they had visited the previous

spring before leaving for parts northeast – a visit


which only earned mixed reviews from the two.

Same for cable and network shows they hardly ever


watch. If they say, “Gee, we never watch this, but

there is nothing else on, so let’s do it,” and there you


go and wouldn’t you know? It’s the one show they

have seen. And so they ask an existential question,


“Has this, statistically unverifiable experience, happen-

ed to you?”  Sure, they thought so and the dog, to his


credit, slept through the frustration and loud voices

shouting at the T.V.

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