He Assumes He Has THE TRUTH

He assumes he has THE TRUTH
as did those who kept slaves
and had women under the thumb,

but he has forgotten how to spell

and his logic made me numb
because he left out science’s
steady roll of the

He thinks his truth will set
others free
to be
just like he loves to
but his cleverness
gives me
the hebeejeebees.
He states that evangelicals
must be diligent in
getting behind
the assumptions
right to the
hypotheses so patently
but  false by
what standard —
an extrapolated,
text from holy
Not to nitpick,
but such eisegesis
is clearly not intended
by our brother Jesus.
And so, while this
blogger seemingly has
never had an unpublished
thought and has many
followers who
apparently have
very itchy ears,
I will not return to
this preacher’s blog

at any time in a

future that’s

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