He Wrote a Comment

He wrote a comment,

got ready to hit the send


hesitated, thought about

who might get it –

eventually, read it, and

send it on

to the unintended


the subject of the e-mail

or store it

to be scrutinized later

by over zealous

bureaucratic super-

patriots who don’t know

him, don’t care and think

something about the

e-mail never, ever


It was then the thought

about democracy

dripping away and

how much he

began to look like

Kafka’s bug and

unlawful search and

seizure entered his


and he simply

hit the delete button.

Too bad. Message


He then checked under

the sink for the western,

gun-toting, butt-kicking

Palmetto bug

who migrated from

Florida and felt much

more free and at home in

the Wild West.


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