She Waits

She waits at intersections

for the light to change and

then, waits some more

to move out for fear some-

one might be driving through

on red. Just to be sure she

waits some more.


She waits while sitting at

the symphony for the

movements – andante.

Nobilmente e semplice –

allegro, allegro molto,

adagio, lento-allegro;

Was that the last allegro?


Did she take her mind

off the movements for

a moment? she asks

herself not wanting to

clap her enthusiasm

prematurely and so

she waits some more.


She waits at home in the

evening for the news at

ten, waits for the weather

report, sunny 69 degrees,

gets up, kisses her hus-

band on his dry lips, crawls


into bed, reads a bit, turns

off the light, feels her heart

beat – allegro molto into

molto adagio, she thinks of

the end of the fourth move-

ment and waits some more






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