There are Lethal Weapons

“There are lethal weapons out there

in the thousands upon thousands

just looking to injure, maim or kill,”

the old guy said to the gas pump

jockey as the kid stood perfectly still

then rang up the guy’s Hawaiian

Hazelnut coffee and the latest

from the tabloid news mill. 

“Oh, we’ve had gun rights out

here for ever,” the Arizona kid

politely replied.

“No, I mean the cars,” the man

said, “Oh, yeah and oh, so true,”

said the kid, letting out a

awkward laugh of surprise.

The man gave him some

friendly advice, “I hope you

are careful out there when

you drive.”

“Oh, I don’t drive,” mumbled

the Arizona kid. “I ride my

Harley from sunrise

to sunset.”

“Lord, have mercy,” the

man mumbled back, “On

your longevity, I won’t

make a bet

that you, Arizona Kid,

will make it to see many sunsets.”

With that the man thanked the

kid for the service and gas

and as the old guy left, the

Arizona kid decided just to

let the old guy’s words pass.

He looked out the window

at his Electra Glide in Blue

and said to his steed, “Buddy,

I will always love you,

if necessary till death

do us part.

Till then, you will have

my young, if foolish,

Arizona heart.”


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