The General Fought For His Life

The General fought for his life

like he never had before –

not in Vietnam

nor the Gulf War

I and II, Iraq or



Bravely, he fought at home

sexually assaulting and beating

up a lover.

Oh my, his mettle shone.

But someone blew his cover

and the M.P.s did hover.


To the clink, this heroic man

did go,

no more hanky-panky or blow

after blow.


He then faced the sober judge

a military man,

too, one not to budge.

No, this honorable, courageous

brother-in-arms, stuck by the man clan,

showed his own mettle and

just about totally

released the man.


No jail time, a pittance from his pension

and the message is an interesting lesson.

The General had nothing about which to worry

and it’s becoming a sad, old story.


So, military women or for that matter,

any female, please

learn this lesson well—

boys will be boys and you don’t matter

and apparently according

to the U.S. military all the skirts

can go to hell.

1 thought on “The General Fought For His Life

  1. Yep, RHIP…RANK HAS ITS PRIVILEDGES. The general will be remembered as a hero, one of the best leading the best outfit. He did not make a mistake–he knew exactly what he was doing and so did the woman. Both are sorry examples of how to live…and they both got away with it in our military system. No excuses, no apology, retiring with lots of money for the rest of their lives.
    And Gillibrand get the finger again.

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