Even Though

Even though he will have

his ashes scattered in

the dunes along the

shores of Lake Michigan,

he loves to wander

cemeteries and, in the

stillness of the day, away

from the sound of traffic,

find older and older grave-

sites, smaller and smaller

headstones – whiter and

whiter with etched words

fading with age, reminding

all visitors of the ever

advancing age of those

in the ground below.

When he moved from

Illinois, Iowa, Michigan,

New York City (for three

months in 1967) to Ken-

tucky for seventeen years,

he found himself in seven

generations of graveyard

heaven – old, old, old to

seven headstones old with

barely legible names and

dates but with the Kentucky

Bluegrass trimmed ever

so neatly around each

stone respecting the one

day anonymous person-

age residing below the

stone. There is such dignity

in the quiet respect of

Kentucky Bluegrass

neatly trimmed around

a headstone of someone

who once occupied space

where the mower now


1 thought on “Even Though

  1. Oh, this is one of the best. I, too, have always found great comfort in cemeteries … many a sad story on some headstones, with a child’s or infant’s brief life noted in the dash between dates much too close, for comfort. Nonetheless, the whispered encouragement of the dead: “We did it, and so will you.” Anyway, I loved this piece with it’s neatly clipped grass – some final respect for those who did it. Thanks …

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