The Day After

The day after the Sunday when pro-

fessional golfers knelt in prayer near

a sand-trap and prayed the prayer that

wealthy, white, evangelical, Christian

golfers pray while kneeling near a sand-

trap of a posh, top-drawer, super expen-

sive, exclusive, private golf course, thirty-

five thousand runners of every (and

some no) spiritual stripe stood Boston

strong in a simple moment of silence

and nonviolence to honor those who

were injured or killed one year before

in that place and to remember their

families. Jesus was spotted standing

somewhere toward the back of the

pack wearing bright chartreuse com-

pression leggings and those new max-

imalist running shoes which look like

clown shoes but which are all the rage.

1 thought on “The Day After

  1. “Are You Running with Me Jesus?” … indeed … wonder where he was, if he has a preference … and I think it’s clear that Scripture at least offers a preference – that God prefers the company of those who are not so pretentious in their wealth, though I suppose some runners would be quite comfortable on the links as well … but maybe jumping up and down rather than telling the world what humble christians they are.

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