Just Hit the Brakes

“Racism is palpable in 2014,” his friend wrote.

“Hey, 1964 isn’t that long ago, just fifty years,”

he wrote back. And then he just mumbled:

But apparently, long enough

to take us back to the halcyon days of

Ozzie and Harriet

and Jim Crow.

Dubya’s Supreme Court must be watching ME TV.

We have arrived, those white guys and one black

guy with a big identity problem must believe.

The Roberts’ solution:  “The way to stop

discrimination on the basis of race

is to stop discriminating

on the basis of race.”

Nice, John.

Here is another super profound thought:

“Come on people, everybody get together

and love one another right now.”

and how about “Make love, not war”?

But, of course. Why not? The Chief Justice

as an old dippy hippy.

And why wouldn’t we all just

get together

and sing Kumbayah?

Well, when we did sing Kumbayah back

in the day, we were all white kids at

church camp singing an African

song without any black kids

in sight.

Today, they are in sight and those

young, white kids are now scared to

death old, white men, who don’t sing

“Come By Here,” but “Keep Out of Here.”

The way to stop accidents at


is to just stop at intersections,

so let’s just take away

all the stop signs

and voluntarily hit those brakes;

everybody get together and stop

at the corner, right now.

And Rod Serling has just announced

that we have entered

the Twilight Zone.



1 thought on “Just Hit the Brakes

  1. Yes … powerful social commentary … when poetry hits its stride, it peels back the polite layers of junk to reveal the heart of darkness … argh. Well done Mr. Dahl, well done!

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