A Dustbin for the Ages

As the writer wrote, “…Carl Jung put it so well,

‘Where you stumble and fall, there you find pure gold.’”

Did that imply that after you fell,

a greater understanding of life you would hold?


The same writer wrote that a wise person grew

in understanding after experiencing sadness and sorrow

but that a fool would fall and fall anew

and never learn a thing that would benefit him tomorrow.


So, the cliché is “Not all that glitters is gold.”

The gold that glitters comes at a price so great;

if a person learns while growing old

compassion is much better than despair and hate.


Jesus urged his followers to be perfect as God.

God’s perfect perfection is compassion.

The Buddha taught that suffering is not odd;

It is, unfortunately, the life that never falls from fashion.


And that if we would wish to perfect sad fashion

into living that would be good as gold

we would wisely live lives of God’s compassion

and help others with action so bold


by participating in another’s sorrow.

And herein lies the way of the sages:

to help others have a more joyful tomorrow,

makes the world’s fashion a dust bin for the ages.









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