Closed Minds With a Direct Line

“Closed minds with a direct

line to the Divine….”

She spoke mockingly as a sort of

throw away line

revealing disdain in the dismissiveness

of the very repetitive rhyme

of those who long ago gave

up any sign

of using their minds

in the pursuit of critical,

exploratory finds,

new ideas, understandings

and a more inquisitive,

wiser mind.

So those bogus leaders of,

for and by the people

claim, in their ignorance,

that they know the

exact will of the Divine,

but keep living one

verse over and

over, time and time

and time


“They are the blind

leading the


thus ill serving the needs

of those back home,

the ones they left



they wine and dine

inside the belt-line

and, in their

pompous, putrid, piety,

blaspheme the

Mystery Divine

by assuming and asserting

they have

all… the… answers.


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