The Members of the Board

The members of the board of directors

of the condominium association in

Arizona sit on their thumbs instead of

tackling important issues and making

something happen.


The members of the board of directors

of the beach association in Michigan

over-reach their authority, hire an attorney

at association expense and the members

ask what happened.


The members of the council of a

congregation get into the aggressive

phase of their passive-aggressive be-

havior and some know what was

about to happened.


Chipmunks burrow between

the outside wall and the drywall

and leave food particles, fecal

matter and urine soaked insulation

which drops in buckets


to the floor of the family room as

the exterminator holds back a gag.

The couple who belong to the

associations and who own the

formerly vermin infested home


and are now without a church,

shake their heads, open a bottle

of sauvignon blanc, look into each

other’s eyes and say simultaneously,

“Shit happens,” laugh and pointing


fingers at each other, say, “Owe me

a coke,” which dates them terribly

but also allows them the wisdom

and freedom of a line from an old

Doris Day song, “Que sera, sera.”


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