The Art of Irrational Romance

The art of irrational romance

is a term used for a super

expensive, super-charged

car that gets about negative

miles per gallon and is purchas-


ed by gazillionairs who, obvious-

ly, care about things gazillion-

aires care about but who, also

obviously, don’t care much

about things like the environ-


ment and kids breathing with-

out inhalers. The art of irrational

romance is a sexy term but is

sexy always in-your-face exploit-

ative, out of your reach, like a


sleek, low fender over roof to

fender arch made up, anymore

of a little steel, some aluminum

and a lot of plastic inorganic

stuff? Or is the art of irrational


romance more about what most

attempt on a daily basis after

the wedding bells signal that

the irrational is about to kick in,

and so it does for as long as the

marriage lasts?

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