As He Thinks About It

As he thinks about it, it seems

we live in an I-It culture so strange –


are people, people are


all is quantified, objects abound,

consuming reigns:

This way happiness brings?

Not on your life: “Get out of my way.”

as evidenced minute by minute

on every highway.

Road rage behind the aluminum and

plastic shield, I-It does not happiness


He doesn’t think for a minute

living an I-Thou life

is easy.

Instead of having compassion,

he finds that he

just gets angry,

which, he thinks, over the

long haul,

isn’t much good for

me, thee or anybodeeee.

Finding grace in mundane,

everyday events,

ah, that’s the goal,

he thinks to himself,

but, all too often, he finds



“Stop the world;

just let me fall in the

White Rabbit’s hole

in Alice’s Wonderland

or perhaps to fly with

Peter Pan.”

1 thought on “As He Thinks About It

  1. Indeed … thanks for these thoughtful words … the world beckons, then sickens … fight or flight, which shall it be? Or something in between …???

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