An Anachronism Wandered Down the Street

An anachronism wandered down the street

being led by a dog on a leash, sounds

like the start of a joke and,

perhaps, it is. The anachronism muttered

vacuous phrases into the breeze

like, “Nobody

pays any attention to me anymore,” and

“Nobody cares what I think.” At these

utterances the dog

wagged its tail. The anachronism, heading

home like a horse trotting back to

the stable and an

anticipated bucket of oats, smiled as the dog

led the anachronism through the

doorway right up

to the green, leather chair in front of the flat

screened T.V. where the anachronism

would sit for the rest

of the evening smiling vacuously at the commentary

on conservative news shows that

SCOTUS was sticking

up for anachronisms and anachronistic

anachronisms, too. Unfortunately,

that isn’t a joke.

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