The Man Was Having A Cup Of Oolong Tea

The man was having a cup

of Oolong tea with a friend

in a popular coffee shop when

a fellow passed, stopped, back-

ed up and identified the man in

a question. “I am,” the man said.

“I was in your class.” “That was

twenty-one years ago,” the man

said. “I remember how in your

pain and suffering you allowed

yourself to be vulnerable,” the

fellow said. “It was a tough time,”

the man said. The fellow went on,

“You let God into your pain; we

were the beneficiaries.” At that

time so long ago, the man hadn’t

known if he would survive and

now a fellow stood before him

and simply said, “Thank you.”

The man’s friend said, “The

Lord works in mysterious ways.

In ministry, you just never know.

Congratulations. Nice work.” In

gratitude, the man silently sipped

his Oolong not even noticing that

the tea had grown cold.

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