From the thirty-third floor

of the thirty-four floor

narrowest skyscraper

in the city, she looks

south with an uninterr-

upted view between

much taller buildings of

the park, the stadium and

just a hint of the lake to

the east. Later, outside

on the other side of

the river that runs through

the city she looks up

the every narrowing

skyscraper thinking,

Holy Cow! That’s a

long way up and so

narrow at the top. No

wonder there are only

three rooms on that

floor. And probably

there are only two

rooms on the thirty-

fourth floor, if that.

1 thought on “Wonderment

  1. So full of hints … bits and pieces … quick images … who is she? where does work? … what’s the city? Love this … could do a lot with it … one of my favorite images … where life is lived on the 34th floor of an anonymous skyscraper … it’s all rather different than down on the streets.

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