Packing for the Camping Trip

Packing for the camping trip, he

brought the cooler into the kitchen,

went to the bedroom and loaded up

his duffel with clothes he thought

he would need and then he asked

his wife, “Honey, did you pack

the moon and stars in your duffel,

because if not, I have room left in

mine?” Hearing no response, he

pulled the SUV out of the garage

lined it up with the trailer and

called to his wife, “Honey, would

you help me with the hitch?”

While she backed up the vehicle,

he directed her with hand signals.

As they connected and secured

everything, he asked her, “Can we

squeeze the sun into the storage area

in the trailer or can we find room

in the back of the SUV?” Hearing

no response, he put the chocks in

the back of the vehicle. “Honey,

would you help me check the

lights?” Then he said, “Let’s close

everything up really fast and get

on the road. I don’t want any

clouds or rain sneaking into the

trailer, getting into the refrigerator

and little freezer only to thaw later

at the campground.” As he pushed

the button on the remote to close

the garage door, she, standing next

to the vehicle, finally called to him

through the closed passenger side

window, “Dear, we aren’t supposed

to have rain for four days, and,

by the way, you forgot the dog.

He’s at the front window staring at

us with this look that says, ‘Not


1 thought on “Packing for the Camping Trip

  1. What a hoot … we all know who the senior partner is in THIS marriage … thanks for the lovely imagery … and good humor, too. I really like how this is written. Sharing, for sure.

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