Ironically, Can You Believe….?

Ironically, can you believe

that DNA on PBS right now shows

that we are all brothers and

sisters back to Adam and Eve,

just like the Bible said,

metaphorically speaking

(Well, actually literally speaking

there was a family a 150,000

years ago from which we all

descended, but I digress),

while throughout the

good old US of A today,

right this very moment,

brothers and sisters face

off against each other

believing the dirtiest,

low down lie ever

told by Satan, the

scared angel who

does what he does,

and, of course what

we do, because we

just want back in the

eternal loving relationship

we are already in because of


but which we don’t know

we are in for reasons of

pride, egotism, selfishness,

insecurity, fear, whatever (as

they say these days)

and as a result cause,

foster and propagate the worst

violence imaginable?

Thank God it isn’t Hitler’s

Germany, Stalin’s Russia,

Bush’s Iraq, Pol Pot’s

Cambodia, and on and on

and on throughout history

because it is bad enough as

it is. Christ have mercy.

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