When he thinks 
	of all 
the poetry 
    he reads
	and interviews with poets
		and reviews of poetry 
			and biographies 
                              of the poets 
                     who write the poetry he reads, 
    (Can they all be the best of the century?) 
	his mind 
			from thinking to feeling 
				without even thinking about 
and that leads to a question: 
    Who does he think/feel he is even 
	to put pen to paper? 
		But he just did and 
			will do again and 
				    again and 	

1 thought on “Doubt

  1. I would say any writer worth his or her craft deals with this kind of humility – I think it’s vital, so thanks for sharing. Yet, the compulsion (is that not what it is?) to write, to share, to tackle again the wonder and defiance of words, to wrestle them into some sort of coherent message, or image, is undeniable, and with time and practice and countless starts and discards, one does acquire some confidence … without confidence, a writer would simple stop writing. Without humility, there would be no further effort to learn, refine, experiment, and yes, still discard!

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