Barbie’s Last Stand

Three, big boob, tiny, boy butt, blond
Barbie Dolls of the Valley of the Sun
sauntered into the new, hip microbrewery
completely aware of the stares but feigning
oblivion to the turning heads. Towheads in
tow and a short, frumpy, Latina nanny bring-
ing up the rear, they made their way to the
outdoor tables to join other Valley Dolls.
They hugged each other with teepee hugs
and sat while the nanny chased the kids
around the place and when they were all
seated the nanny stood at attention while
the dolls looked at the menu. Friday after-
noon, their husbands left work early for the
Paradise Valley, Scottsdale golf clubs. Later,
on their way home to their gated communities,
the guys might stop off for a little, nine-
teenth hole, afternoon delight, while
the nanny finally got a chance to sit down
and put her feet up for a little while in
her casa in a south Phoenix barrio before
having to prepare the menudo for her hus-
band and the two kids coming home, one from
a local community college and the other
from ASU.

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