During Another Happy Hour

The man remembers overhearing a guy
at the condo pool discuss the previous
evening’s happy hour at a pretty swank
steak house. The man only saw the guy
drink diet pop. The guy was saying that
he orders lots of appetizers because he
feels bad only ordering diet pop instead
of booze. Then the man heard the guy
say that he doesn’t drink anymore be-
cause it wasn’t a pretty sight when he
did. The man also remembers asking an
acquaintance at Tuesday $5 hamburger
and chips night at an American Legion
Post in a little town near where the man
and his wife like to camp, why the fellow
wasn’t having a drink. He said he quit a
couple of years after returning from Viet
Nam. Then the vet quickly added that
when he drank, it wasn’t a pretty sight.
The man thought about those two things
and some others that made him wince as
he sipped his dirty martini at a Platinum
LED hotel during another happy hour.

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