Two Latest Posts

In light of the two latest posts, friends and other readers
might think the posts are completely autobiographical and that
a marriage is unraveling; it’s not. The knit is tight. I
have taken real life situations and used poetic license to
describe situations I think most, if not all, married couples
experience — the haunting, sometimes destructive and always
complicating role of unresolved issues with parents in children’s
marriages no matter how old those children might be.

As Plato quoted the Oracle of Delphi’s inscription at the Temple
of Apollo, “Know thyself.”

As a late seminary professor told a class of idealistic seminarians
eager to change the world, “Your greatest challenge and hardest job
will be to be a Christian in your own marriage.”

As St. Paul wrote, “We see through a mirror dimly; then face to face.”

As Frank sang, “That’s life.”


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