The Adventure

Wandering through an upscale, outdoor shop in a Northwest suburb of Chicago, he noticed a photo of a cougar walking, maybe stalking, across a gorgeous arch. It was in a raggedy cardboard frame and hung on the wall across from the men’s room. He asked the manager if he might purchase the photo. The manager gave it to him. He took it to a photo restoration shop and took the restored photo to a framer friend. It now hangs on a wall inside his upstairs bedroom and he looks at it everyday. Since first seeing the photo, he has stood beneath that exact arch. There was no cougar, but he imagined it being there and fascination and fear ran through him. On a hike in the desert he came across a long, beautiful Western Rattler and had that same experience of fascination and fear. Sometimes, when he takes his Chocolate Lab for a walk near a hill in a Southwest city, he anticipates seeing a coyote or two or maybe even a javelina. Sometimes he does; mostly he doesn’t but he is filled with fear and fascination even in the anticipation. He heard about a black bear in his neighborhood by the Big Lake. Each day as he stands near the pond and waterfall he imagines the black bear stopping for a visit, knocking down a bird feeder and taking a drink. As he stands there he is filled with fear and fascination. Sometimes as he stands at the sink in his upstairs bathroom away from the adventures out the front door, he looks at the photo and vicariously is filled with fear and fascination. Like a child, he is ever and always filled with fear and fascination in the adventure even if it is just in his imagination.

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