The Shadow on the Wall

They all sat around the table after
drinks and appetizers. They spoke
of the husband of a recently decease-
ed artist friend of several around the
table wondering how he was doing.
The husband was a small, quiet, ser-
ious man who spoke softly but with
the air of authority, which is often the
perception of the introverted. Out of
the blue, the host, an extroverted man
of substantial, physical presence and
a sharp, sometimes sarcastic wit, an-
nounced that he would really like
to be like that husband of the dead
artist. The table erupted with laughter.
His equally quick-witted wife with a
repertoire of repartee said nothing but
shot a look of incredulity his way. After
the laughter subsided, the plates were
passed. A guest, another jocular fellow,
understood. He, too, often wished to
be like the quiet, wise, knowing shadow
of himself on the wall across the dinner

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