Every Action

Every action has an equal and opposite
reaction Sir Isaac told us,
so in light of nine dead,
Southern politicians followed
political correctness.
Then, naturally, sales of Confederate flags
blew through the roof,
but instead of flying all over the land, they
will hang in dank, downstairs dungeons
for awhile and what more Newtonian proof
do we need that sin reacts opposite and fast?
And it hides underground only to pop up later
falsely claiming absolute truth.
So stay alert, watchful and mindful;
be innocent as doves with eyes
on the heavens and wise
as serpents close to the ground
and you will see that evil surely
will be found.
It’s not going away anytime soon,
but you have the tools of mercy,
justice, peace, patience, kindness,
self-control and power from above
to greet that evil with God’s eternal,
life-giving love.
The Lamb wins.

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