Plum Out of Luck

Is it true that capitalism decapitates
the creative energies and saps
harmony from the human race?

Is it true that striving for the almighty buck
is America’s favorite pastime and
frustrates the countless down on their luck?

Is it true that poets are a dozen per dime
in this system of worth by counting
while words count for nothing most of the time?

The capitalists cry, “Just give us the bottom line,”
and Dow and Jones and S and P and Nasdaq
all agree that all will be fine on down the line

for those on the top rung of the teetering ladder,
but not for the 99% who stand looking up
and eventually say, “Oh, what does it matter?”

So, no need to ask if capitalism decapitates
the creative juices.
It squelches life of its myriad uses
and brings it down to single digits
of animosity, jealousy and hate.

All hail the Almighty Buck.
It seems the God of Creativity
is plum out of luck.

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