Adventure On the High Seas

The man read the story of adventure
on the high seas. He had no idea.
The Bob Barker chased Thunder
for four months and eleven thou-
sand nautical miles through rolling,
riling, tumultuous seas in order to
save Charley Tuna from extinction.
Governments wouldn’t pay for Bob,
but for Bob Barker the price was
right along with other luminaries
of the entertainment world. Not all
have stars in Hollywood, but each
one is a star in the starry, starry
night helping to guide the idealistic
crew in hot pursuit of the fish poach-
ers who decimate the population of
big fish, particularly the valuable
“toothfish,” (Say what?), aka, Chilean
Sea Bass, a more appetizing name
for seafood loving palates. The
bandits were caught and even though
Charley may wish to be hook-
ed, he gets to swim away and survive
another day. The man can’t wait for
the movie version starring The Bob

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