The Big Picture

He was asked to consider the big
picture and as soon as he heard
the words he looked down at his
hands in his lap. He put them to-
gether and said to himself, “Here’s
the church; here’s the steeple; open
the doors and see all the people.”
He wiggled his entwined fingers,
smiled, stood and looked his boss
in the eye. His boss said, “Well?”
He said, “I think I just got the
big picture,” turned and walked

1 thought on “The Big Picture

  1. Love, love, love, this … amazing … and the boss was left standing there, wondering about the idiot who just left behind the big bucks and snazzy car … the boss, of course, didn’t feel sad, but for a fleeting moment, wondered … and then quickly snatched up the Wall Street Journal and forgot all about the idiot who walked out.

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