CATACOMBS to BASILICAS*, a poem by Vicki Hill

Underground Christians shared power, found immunity
To root in ways of Jesus, living in close community
Then came the turnover to a state religion
Spoiler Alert: Constantine, the exalted, decreed citizens be Christian
Up from the graves, allees of skulls in Tiffany window array
Now built to new heights as obedience to Imperial way;
Over time, contradictions of that once oral, heard,
Traditions are now inscribed in billions of recorded words
So began transformation of one body into 40,000 divisions
More each day, all erecting exclusive Jesus Revisions:
Shaping the Parent God, obliterating Holy Spirit heart
Bright Sun shining not on everyone., just my perceived part.

Minds split apart as each hair on a head.
So now the Each judge a dwindling Many,
Who is quick and who is dead?
Shall we go underground again?

Below a Santa Fe sunbrella,
April 29, 2015, by Vicki Hill

*An inspired phrase in Richard Rohr meditation

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