An Interesting Camping Trip

It had been an interesting four-day,
end of the season camping trip, not
far, just about an hour north along
the Big Lake to a place they had
visited frequently. By then most
of the seasonals had gotten to know
him pretty well. In fact, because he
is a retired minister, several availed
themselves of some free counseling
in spite of his protestations that he
is a retired minister not currently
on call and then there were the visit-
ing Labrador Retriever experts who
freely offered advice upon unsolicited
advice on how the man and his wife
should care for their Chocolate and,
of course, the guys who wanted to
know all about the stem cell trans-
plant he had on his right knee until
he actually started telling them about
it at which point they just gave advice
upon un-solicited advice pertaining to
knees and the general state of ambu-
lation. However, there was one fellow
who didn’t offer any advice; he just
shared books and thoughts and quest-
ions — what a rare fellow indeed and
a breath of fresh air, as fresh as the
breeze coming in off the Big Lake —
like fetches causing cooling waves
to wash over bathers on a hot day.

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