Greed As the Primary Virtue

“How could greed be the primary virtue of a culture?”
Harrison’s creation asked. And then the reader
paused and thought about great income disparity,
the Republican debates, the Supreme Court
and Citizens United and back to the movie “Wall
Street” and “Greed is Good,” and the near
collapse of the economy in 2009 and banks
buying and selling mortgages till nobody knew
where they were and hapless homebuyers who,
only a few months before foreclosure, had
been so hopeful and big, big bonuses to the
culprits and lobbyists for the energy companies
and climate change denial and a populous that
believes the illusion that they are only one
unfortunate occurrence away from being rich
to paraphrase Steinbeck and simply murmured to
himself, America, America, God shed his light
on thee. And then he got up and took a pee
and thought to himself while looking at the
stream flowing into the commode, that’s how.
And then he returned to the novella.

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