I Thought I Was Swedish and Dutch

I thought I was 50/50 Swedish and Dutch
(at least that’s what the folks told me),
but, in fact, the DNA shows that I’m 49
% Scandinavian (I’ll include a bit of Fin
and Russian) and 31% British (including
a bit of Irish) and only 18 percent north-
ern continental European and that may
not be all Dutch (Those Hollanders must
have spent a lot of time crossing the English
Channel and visiting gay Paris.), so to get
to 100% that leaves a measly 2% Asian and
that’s located in India all going back ten
generations or close to 1,000 years. My
dad’s people pretty well kept to themselves,
tired out I suppose after all that Viking mar-
auding, raping and pillaging, but those Holl-
anders had roving eyes and other working
anatomical parts. And here I was hoping to
have some Jewish blood to raise my IQ.

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