He is Sure He is a Pasticheur

He read that a particular poet
was pronounced a pasticheur
by a poetry critic. He looked
it up and wondered if he was
one because he would read poetry
and then write his own in a sim-
ilar fashion, and that’s the dif-
ference between a pasticheur and
a plagiarist, the part about the
poem being his own and imitating
being the highest form of flattery
and he doesn’t mind flattering
poets even if they don’t know that
that is what he is doing or that
he is even doing anything at all
as long as it is in his own words,
like the word pasticheur, of which
he is sure he is one and which is
now his own word and just plain
fun to pronounce: pas-tee-shœr.
It almost makes him feel French
and after the DNA test, he
knows he does have a bit of
French blood which he just
pronounced in a pastiche of
the Pink Panther.


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