Regal Plumage

I sit at the desk looking out the
window into the berry bush, berry-

less thanks to the Cardinal couple
that used to live there but now simply

use it as a playground. Yesterday,
the male came to the bush and pluck-

ed off a couple of small pieces of
bark and spit them back out. He then

looked at me and cocked his head.
I didn’t make a sound which I was

sure he could hear through the glass
or move and he just studied me as

I studied him. I can only hope he
thought as much of me as I thought

of him, his beauty, his regal, red
plumage and stature. Who am I kid-

ding — me, regal plumage? Anyway,
he tired of looking and moved on.

Today, he was back with his mate.
They chased each other through the

bush not giving me a glance as I
sat smiling at their agility and

mobility and that regal plumage.

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