Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

The good Rev. laid it on the line
when he wrote,
“The choice is not between violence
and nonviolence but between non-
violence and nonexistence.”
Well, I guess there is
nothing about which to opine.
He said it all in one succinct line
and we are running out of time.
As the scapegoat he ran out of time,
just like the saving Scapegoat
did for all time.
But we don’t see it that way
most of the time;
scapegoats we are hell bent to find
to blame for our mimetic climb,
some kind of authentic identity to find,
which we never find
because we look for love
in all the wrong places
not knowing that
in that Scapegoat
self-sacrificial love we do find
and all hearts do bind.

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