The Man Who Never Should Have Been Treasurer But Always Was

Researching the first name of his fifth
grade teacher to dedicate a book to her
memory, he came across his eighth grade
graduation bulletin and saw that he had
been the treasurer of the class. He thought
to himself, thank heaven they never en-
trusted the checkbook to him. He was the
assistant treasurer of his junior class
in high school and no checks were signed,
that being the responsibility of the
treasurer, who, apparently had a tight-
fisted grip on the checkbook. His senior
year he experienced a double whammy, being
elected both treasurer of the class and
the National Honor Society and because he
had the checkbooks, both accounts came up
short, much to the chagrin of the school
counselor. He pleaded innocent, which he
was, with a decided deficit in the command
of elementary math, which he had. As an
adult he always tried to keep more in the
checking account than was listed in the
book so he would never have an over-draft,
a bit of clever planning, he thought. He
married an accountant and turned over the
books with a sigh of gratitude, vowing never
to be treasurer again.


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