The Dictionary Gets It Wrong

The dictionary gets it wrong
when it comes to the word

A recognized autonomous branch
of the Christian Church,
a group or branch of any religion:
“Jewish clergy of all denominations.”
The face value of a banknote, coin,
or postage stamp:
“a hundred dollars or so, in small

One should be two and vice versa.
Money speaks louder than the church
every time — gun control, for instance?
Denominations of banknotes in ac-
counts of candidates speak louder than
any church denomination speaking out
for gun control. How about racism? A
college football team protesting racism
on campus was heard because of all the
“denominations” that would be lost to
the school’s coffers not because of the
moral integrity of the players, as won-
derful as that is. What if denomination-
al campus ministries protested? The
administration would be shaking in
its boots. Not. They would be listen-
ed to about as fast as if they were the
University chess club rising up in pro-
test. Some denominations speak out
and some denominations really talk.


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