“Indeed, metaphor is a gateway to compassion.” — Brendan Constantine

He doesn’t know why people keep killing themselves off
through war and terrorism and domestic violence and
robberies and death by way of the highway because they

are only going to live to be about seventy-five on aver-
age anyway but that seems to be the way of the world.
Then he thought about what happens after death whether

at the average age, older or somewhat or a lot younger
due to violence. Most people are pickled, put in a casket,
then in a waterproof, bug proof vault (which has such

a nice ring to it) and then placed six feet in the ground,
when it would be much more helpful for a resurrection if
the remains were burned up as in ashes to ashes to be re-

constituted in a new sort of way if and when the general
resurrection were to happen and if there isn’t a general
resurrection in the way we have been told, there would be

a resurrection of ashes to animal, vegetable or mineral,
earth, wind, fire and water with a personal insignia of
everyone’s DNA on it all in a new kind of earth, so God

would know who to call by what name. Just think about how
difficult it would be, even for Jesus, to enter the water-
proof, cement vault, when he had only walked through walls

and presumably the huge stone had to be rolled away from
the tomb for Jesus to emerge (but then again that was
probably for the visitors’ benefit) and then what do you

do with all the embalming fluid — formaldehyde, methanol,
and other solvents — oceans of solvents? They’re pollutants
and pollutants can’t enter the new heaven and earth I would

think. Jesus isn’t into pollution. He’s into spiritual
reconstitution, otherwise known as resurrection, which
is where everything is to be redeemed, which is differ-

ent from ordinary reconstitution, which is when you
would have to go through the whole mess of living and
dying once again, like Lazarus, more often than not,

from some kind of violence if things keep going the way
they are. The spiritual body thing is better. It’s all
so mysterious. Can’t we just think in metaphors and similes?
Jesus did.


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