Chicken Little Cries, “Terror!”

A small, news item, a blip
in the local newspaper: man
killed in car crash on way
to birth of son; mother-in-
law killed in crash. Speed
was a contributing factor.

Won’t make national news
to be repeated over and over
and over for days and weeks
and months and years like
TERROR. Thirty to forty-
thousand dead on the high-
ways each year, a hundred-sixty
thousand grief-stricken for
life; the forty-thousand
only get a blip. There was
a bomb threat today and we
will be hearing about it ad
. There were twenty-
some injured and killed in
what has been termed a terror
attack and we will hear about
it ad nauseam. Xenophobic
politicians spout jingoism, native-
ism and garbage talk fascism
and the news media gnaws on
the carcass for ratings and
money and the terrorists
hold our gonads in their hands
while big, ballsy BMW’s, et. al.,
chase HORROR down on the
highway. We have our priorities:
“Help! TERROR! The sky is falling.”


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