A Straw Strewn Barn

He traveled far from many a place
until he reached the straw strewn space.
It was cold by Bethlehem’s way;
animals and humans did not venture far from
the steamy hay.
a baby’s cry, a shiver, a foggy cough,
a few animals wandered to the trough;
they did not find food to be had
but saw the babe, a face to make God glad.
He was one of three traveling to that holy space
and he knew that his life the babe would grace.
His searching was finally complete;
in that straw strewn kingdom he found the mercy-seat.
So, now when he travels it is with peace of mind,
proclaiming justice and mercy to the creation and all humankind.
The incarnation of God’s universal embrace from above
is found in a straw strewn barn of self-sacrificial love.

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