The Medical Alert Ladies

Why is it that the Medical Alert
ladies are looking younger
and younger as they call out,
“Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t
get up,”?
Are they really getting younger
or am I just catching up?
The women stood around in
the kitchen fondling those
emergency buttons hanging
around their necks,
while I watched and wondered
what the heck,
just thinking that I could
be their age;
I thought I might fly into
a rage,
but I calmed down
and my wife asked if
I might like one of those
buttons; the ad said they
were coming at a discount
I just smiled and said,
“That, dear, would be
very nice.”
So, she called the 800
as I went to bed for my
mid-afternoon slumber.
On my way, I wondered why
she wanted the button
for me to buy.
She’s always here;
and then I realized she
intended to go bye, bye.
Well, she’s a good woman
and has my best interests
at heart
even though she is soon
to depart,
and so I hit the bed and
started to snore
as she quietly walked out the
front door
“Bye, dear; I just couldn’t
take anymore.”

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