New Year’s Day, 2016

The motel was trashed.
The Hispanic head of
maintenance whispered,
“All the blacks. The
police were called this
morning.” Oh, great,
the man thought to him-
self as he entered his
room. He said to the
maintenance man,
“Sure doesn’t help
the cause, does it?”
The maintenance
man didn’t under-
stand. And then the
man thought, this
lends itself so easily
to judgment, as in,
why can’t you help
me here? I’ve been
an advocate since I
was a kid, and then
he thought, who has
to meet whose expect-
ations? What about
all those white power
people — CEO’s,
Chairs of the Boards,
legislators who don’t
trash motels but trash
millions with the
tilted scales of justice?
Don’t worry about
your middle-class
values, bub, he thought
to himself, just be
thankful the room
is clean, which is
a kind of middle-
class value.


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