He Feels Like A Little Kid

He thinks to himself
it has been a really,
really good five months.
This is something that
he has to take hold of
and embrace like the
love of his life who
stands outside break-
ing up ice on the side-
walk because he is on
physician’s orders
for another week. But
those are good orders
coming on the heels
of an excellent path-
ology report and,
pertaining to another
matter, the knowledge
that his very own stem
cells are rebuilding
the cartilage in his
knee so that when the
week expires and he
doesn’t, he can jog
on his favorite trails
again. He knows he
more easily indulges
the sadnesses, which
have come his way, as
they would anyone his
age, but now it is time
for celebration and the
chance to try out the
new running shoes his
wife got him for Christ-
mas, but he must be
patient for seven
more days of this new
season of Epiphany.
He feels like a little


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