The Pundits Say

The pundits say
The Donald will still be
the main man
if all goes according
to his plan
and he
doesn’t stay
for the debate,
but maybe, just maybe
instead of the debacle
it surely would be
if his presence
we did see,
we saw an actual
and The D
would be seen to be
what he actually is —
a petulant, school yard

1 thought on “The Pundits Say

  1. Agree with “buuuullyy” especially: have called him that since start. Has turned prez R condidacy into reality TV for what, a year now? Imagine him presiding over Cabinet meetings: “You’re out!/fired” whatever. Must check the sidebar tease that all his wives have been immigrants. That’s a new touch. Makes Shrub 3 more credible.

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