What’s the Harm?

He thinks about the image of
heaven he grew up with — a
place where those loved ones
who had died were then all

together again and he would
be there, too. His dad, who
departed early, his mom, who
did not but had not been

aware of grace even though
it surrounded her, but who
was then experiencing it. But
he saw all kinds of people,

people who had done their
best with limited resources,
people who had to scrape and
fight for every inch, not noble

people, not even particularly
ethical people and even some
particularly unethical, some
murderers, some perpetrators

of heinous crimes, many of
other religions other than
his, some with no religion,
everyone, in fact — all

loving each other and them-
selves and dogs and cats and
rats all loving each other
in a new heavenly earth. He

can’t take that image liter-
ally any more, but he likes
the imagery as metaphor and
he loves the inclusivity and

how mercy wins over judgment
and how God’s way of justice
and beating death is by lov-

ing life beyond death to life
and if someone wants to take
all that, and he means all
that loving and inclusivity

literally, well what’s the
harm? He only has trouble
when some who take it all
literally, literally exclude

whom God includes, which is
everyone and everything, too
because God redeems it all.

Does that excluding then ex-
clude the excluders or will
God’s inclusivity include
them, too?

That’s rhetorical — a clue.

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